Sarah Jaffe is…

…a singer-songwriter from Denton…For what it’s worth, Jaffe rhymes with “taffy”. Essentially a kid, barely into her mid 20s. Ok maybe not a kid, but if you’re 20+ years younger than I, shit you’re a kid (and I’m old). Annnnnyway, her tune Clementine came thru the truck speakers many months ago for the first time via KKXT/91.7FM. When hearing a “new to me” tune, I often jot down the time I heard the tune, the station and perhaps a line or two. Can you make out the scribble ?

Clementine is melancholy certainly, lyrically brilliant however. Folk and soul. Love this live version. Get past the expressionless Sarah. Get past the hole in her hose.

I’ve been a loyal reader of Whitney Matheson of the USA today for over a decade now. Last year I sent her a “ on the lookout for Sarah Jaffe” note as Matheson’s Pop Candy blog is a great source for new music, movies, TV and generally anything tabbed as pop culture. Whitney had Jaffe in her top 50 “pop” people at the close of 2010. Damn good for someone so far under the radar at the time.

Then Oak Cliffs own, Flowers Of God and Sarah Jaffe tag-teamed for this tune, Tunnelvisionary. Diggin’ the playful sound of Jaffe…a 180 from Clementine

Lastly, she recently was lauded by Mike, Danny and Snake at The Ticket as they discussed
female performers/bands fronted by women that they would actually shell out
money to see perform. Offff course they would pay to see Sarah Jaffe. Ditto.

It’s easy to root for talent, especially that which is home grown. Looking forward to where 2011 takes her.


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