Rahr & Sons Brewery….Buffalo Butt

Dependent upon the thickness of my wallet at the time, going with a new beer is somewhat risky. Let’s say I have $40, the risk is relatively small as I know I’ll have roughly $30 remaining. It’s all relative, but $30 goes quite the distance in my hands. However, if I’m down to a solitary ten, I better make the right selection from the extremely wide Majestic Liquor cooler. If I’m left with just a dollar in return, I need this beer to become an integral part of my “beer rotation”. It doesn’t have to be the ace of the staff, but a reliable number 3 starter would be nice.

So, am I beer snob ? No. An aficionado ? laughing…No. All I want, all you likely want, is a fine tasty beer. Your ten dollars worth. Lets cut to the chase, the hunt if you will. Two words….Buffalo Butt. Courtesy of our next door neighbor, Ft. Worths Rahr & Sons Brewing Company. Yes, I’ve heard of Rahr & Sons. I recall spying a cap or t-shirt somewhere recently with the Rahr logo. Apologetically however, I did not realize this is a home town brewery. My bad.

My good though ? Grabbing that six of Buffalo Butt and heading home. The Rahr site suggests serving in a mug and at 45 degrees. I am not breaking out a thermometer. My “Mr. Science” approach relies on grabbing the bottle to determine if it’s indeed, “cold enough”. Beer in the fridge, pilsner glass in the freezer. While the pilsner glass mention sounds uppity and perhaps even pretentious, it’s one of the greatest gifts an 8-year-old can give his dad for Christmas. Thank you Ben.

It’s ballsy to admit, but this is when I get borderline giddy. Grabbed a Butt, (with the ridiculous label I’ll touch on momentarily) frozen glass too. Pop the top, take a sniff. Shrug shoulders. So far so good. Immediately love the color. Rusty….Rahr calls it amber. Amber is usually a gal, but if it needs to be a color, Amber it is. Nice head too. Small sip. Ohhhh mama that’s good. Not harsh, not bitter. Kinda sweet. Caramel with a light malt sweetness per Rahr. Ill go with that….hell can’t it simply taste good ? Yes it can (and does). Took my time with it…ohhhh damn that’s good.

The way the ultra thin horizontal line of foam (is “foam” right ?) lines the glass is nice aesthetically. Does it make the beer tastes better ? Hell I don’t know. Surely it can’t.
However just as certain….it’s cool as all hell. (Shakespeare I think). Rahr indicates Buffalo Butt goes well with Cajun and Mexican food; all I could find in the pantry was a bag of Goldfish Crackers (Parmesan I think – thanks again Ben), I went with that. They worked well together….shrugs shoulders yet again.

While I do like the tag “Everything It’s Cracked Up To Be”, the label rendering is ummmm, nasty. It reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, you know the one. Jerry’s girlfriend
of the moment paints a portrait of Kramer. An elderly couple comments on the finished piece…”…a loathsome, offensive brute, yet I can’t look away…transcends time and space…..sickens me…..I love it….Me too”.

When I say I love Buffalo Butt, I’m not talking chicks with big asses. This is a mighty fine beer. Thank you Rahr & Sons and congratulations, you’re in the rotation. I gotta take advantage of that tour one of these days. Good day to you.

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